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Daniel de Mira Gerlitz


Phone: 604 319 2725


Summary of Qualifications:

• Strong leader in multidisciplinary teams with excellent communication skills.

• Production experience setting up and managing game art production pipelines,leading projects and mentoring staff.

• Experienced in Maya, 3DS Max, Photoshop, Substance Painter, Quixel, Unreal Engine, Unity, Z Brush, Mudbox, proprietary Game Engines.



Work Experience:


Electronic Arts

Senior Environment Artist       Feb 2017 - Present

• Spearheading art production workflow improvements including engine tools development.

• Leading teams of 3D artists in creation of stadiums and large scale environmental assets.

• Responsible for stadium planning and greyblock, mentoring junior staff and pushing visual quality.

• Creation of high quality 3D assets for in-engine cinematic moments and gameplay


Goldtooth Creative

Senior CG Generalist - Game Engine Lead       Feb 2016 - Feb 2017

• Leadership and mentorship of a team of mixed dicipline 3D artists and animators in relation to game engines including Unreal Engine, Unity and others.

• Creative direction and execution of cinematic sequences for realtime game cinematics and rendered CG trailers.

• Hands on in leading the creation of cinematography, modeling and animation, Involved in project management, scheduling, budgeting and pipeline workflow.

• Projects include Gears of War 4, Sea of Theives and Mass Effect: Andromeda, Recore


20th Century Fox - Halon

Pervisualisation Artist -Unreal Engine Lead       Aug 2015 - Feb 2016

• A leading member of a previsualization team working to form the vision and cinematic experience for War for the Planet of the Apes for 20th Century Fox.

• Lead Unreal artist, utilizing the Unreal game engine to render animatics that will inform the direction and shooting of the film. Lead 3D asset creator.

• Established the visual quality bar for the team in creating assets; characters, vehicles, props, vfx/particle effects, camera effects and animation in Unreal 4.

• Lead the research and development of the production pipeline. Teaching and mentoring the entire team from supervisors to animators on how to work with the engine and raise visual quality.


Visual College of Art and Design (VCAD)

Instructor       (Part Time) Jan 2015 - Present

• Teaching 3D Character Modelling III to a mixed discipline class of students from gaming and animation programs in advanced modeling tools and workflows in Autodesk Maya.

• Instruction on how to model a realistic anatomically correct character with emphasis on anatomical study, edgeflow and topology, and efficient modeling techniques.

• Providing a role model, mentorship and guidance to classes of 20 student artists.


Nintendo - Next Level Games

Environment Artist       Jan 2015 - Aug 2015

• Driving creation of entire environments for Nintendo’s next Metroid game.

• Creating whole levels from concept to final polished environments and scenes.

• Actively involved in executive level talks with studio and publisher management, creating and pitching game concepts, managing art timelines and schedules.

• Working designers and programmers and artists to fully implement finished environments, vfx and cinematics utilizing 3DS Max and a proprietary game engine.


Electronic Arts

Worlds Artist       2014

• Establishing creative direction of art pieces by creating 3D and 2D concepts.

• Spearheaded visual style development and preproduction for several entire environments.

• Created 3D environments for a Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare 2 in Frostbite Engine.

• Involved in introducing a new PBR(Physically Based Rendering) look and workflow to the world art team. Created PBR Textures using Photoshop and Quixel Suite.

• Creating high quality creative models using Maya and Frostbite Engine.

• Creating a variety of 3D assets from vehicles to weapons, buildings, props and more


Gearbox - BlackBird Interactive

Senior Artist       2014

• Acting as a Senior Generalist Artist I worked on all aspects of Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak that need art; including modeling, texturing, VFX and lighting

• Spearheaded look development on Mesh based and particle based VFX systems in Unity

• Guided studio development of art pipeline and tools using 3D Max, Photoshop and Unity. Tehnical development of shaders and look in Unity Engine.

• Modeled, textured, and rigged detailed 3D vehicles for a vehicle fantasy RTS game


Legendary Pictures - The Third Floor

Previs Asset Builder, Previs Shot Creator       2013 - 2014

• Creatively shot and animated previs film sequences for a major feature film, directing composition pacing and cinematography of assigned shots.

• Built 3D props, environments, characters, lighting and vfx for a major feature film

• Created shots by composing assets, environments, lighting and animating characters, cameras and background elements.

• Created film previs from storyboards in Maya, managed shot delivery though ShotGun.


Zema Gamez

Lead 3D Artist       2012 - 2013

• Acting as the 3D Lead and Principal 3D Artist on the team, I was responsible for performance budgeting, scheduling and laying out the development pipeline

• Established Art direction, asset creation, design and technology and workflows.

• Investigated, chose and implemented Unity as the studio’s engine technology.

• Mentored junior staff, provided scheduling guidance to a interdisciplinary team.

• Solely responsible for modeling, texturing, lighting, visual effects, level design, level rigging and assembling all environment assets on several multi-platform titles.


Gener8 Digital Media

Modeler & Animator       2011 - 2012

• Modeled and animated stereoscopic 3D characters and environments for feature films including; Prometheus, The Amazing Spider-Man 2, Ghost Rider and others.

• Created stereoscopic 3D elements in Autodesk Maya for major motion pictures.

• Modeled and animated 3D assets to match film plates for stereoscopic conversion.


Rabbit Hole Interactive

Environment Artist       2011

• Completed creation of entire 3D environments for two game titles concurrently on a aggressive schedule.

• Created art assets, models and textures using 3DS Max and Photoshop.

• Created and populated environments with art assets in the Infernal Engine.

• Responsible for creating LOD assets for new and legacy models.


Electronic Arts

Cinematic Camera Artist       2010

• Created cinematic scenes for Fight Night: Champion’s non-interactive story scenes using Maya camera tools and motion capture data

• Established direction for scenes and shots from script, creatively shot cameras and coverage, made preliminary edits and collaborated with editors for final cuts.

• Acted as a liaison between the Environment Art team and the Cinematic Camera team when creating virtual sets for motion capture.

• Worked with interdisciplinary team, teaching peers technical tools and workflows


Radical Entertainment

Junior Artist & Designer       2008 - 2010

• Designed and created world geometry and placed props to facilitate gameplay.

• Created props from concept art, keeping inline with the style of the game and existing assets

• Created game design documentation, pitching new game mechanics and gameplay scenarios. Provided design balance feedback and documenting existing gameplay systems

• Learned the export\import process to take raw assets from Maya to functional assets in game using Radicals proprietary technology.



Art Institute of Vancouver       Graduated 2008

Diploma in Game Art & Design

• Created a successful game prototype from scratch with a group of peers at the Art Institute of Vancouver using the Unreal Engine.

Concepted, modeled, textured, exported, placed and light assets in the game.

• Lead a small group of peers in creating an original board game.

• Created from concept to completion a graduating demo reel.


Cariboo Hill Secondary       Graduated 2006

High School Diploma

• Enrolled in 4 years of traditional and computer aided Drafting, recieveing the subject award for Drafting apon graduation.

• Enrolled in Art, Acting, Creative writing for 5 years



References available upon request